Privacy Policy

CID News privacy policy is invented to deliver more satisfactory service to those who have considerations about how their privacy. These privately identifiable points are being used. Please read our privacy guidelines carefully.

To uncover how we access, protected or otherwise rescue your personal data when you visit our website via mobile app, or via desktop

We secure the privilege to modify this Privacy Policy at any moment and may be counted to the modified policy page at any moment. Also, all such modifications become useful upon posting

The Personal Data we Receive:

Your name, email id, when you sign up via phone or desktop. Your location or special location if your GPS is active. Or other general geographic location which relies on your internet assistance.

Which includes Information about your devices such as operating system, device type, and the device version. We obtain data on these social media portrayals if the user lets them do so at their own preference.

Also, your activities such as the number of screens that you see, search results that you choose, call to corporation people and content transmitted on social media.

How do we use your Information?

Our assistance is always observed to provide safety protection and evade any exposures. In order to complete your stay on the website as safe as practicable.


All links are protected and SSL certified, we aim to embrace normally acknowledged industry means to ensure the data we obtain. In both cases, they are accepted and when they are welcomed. However, there is no strategy or electronic repository for the transfer of data. Via desktop or via mobile that can be viewed 100% protected. Thus, while we operate commercially identified compromises to connect and save your information.

Third-Party Links and their Presentations

We accept third party services such as Fabric, Cleartip, Branch and portray their identifiable data, which is as follows:

The information you supply to us, like your name, email and phone number etc. We welcome you when you register and operate our service. including location, network working system and device information. This information is
communicated with third party assistance providers. So we are eligible to do that. Customize the service for you, we do not trade your data to anyone nor do we sell them outside anywhere