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Change your mind

By Ruby Maryam Ruby

Change your mind .

These days social media apps have been introduced which are mind boggling. They have strange names. Hego, Tik Tok, Bego and many more categories. There are many gaming apps. In which people are tricked by money scam, that for playing the game for so many minutes every day, so much money will be deposited in your account. And you can “withdraw” it through Easy Paisa and Jeez Cash. Hungry and poverty-stricken people who have mobile phones but do not have two meals a day to fill their stomachs. Those people are mostly victims of this. Greedy people use such apps for hours. Some apps There are those who claim to give money by taking quizzes. Answer so many questions and earn money. Students often fall into this deception. A trap of deception has been laid everywhere. And young people The generation is trapped in this trap like a stray pigeon. And it is blinded by the deception that the cat sees us, so at least we are not looking at the cat!

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Writers and influential people should save the creatures caught in the trap of this deception from this humiliation. They should not fall victim to it and become humiliated. I find one thing very strange. Writers are young, newborn and Young writers are dragged on social media. Criticize new writers. Why? Does one come with all this from mother’s womb? Don’t people learn? You never learned anything? Everything from before. Do you think? If you people will rise up and start discouraging, then ten will be left behind! Not a single good writer will be able to come forward. He will not be able to play his role. Yes, it may be that new writers. Lead to study. Teach new things. Teach skills to improve writing. Instead of how did you do that? You can’t do that? Why did you write such and such? Okay! Show him the right way in a positive way. But the method and politeness of criticism should also be known. Some people criticize in such a way that the writer’s heart dies from writing. Someone far away There is no connection. When I wrote “comics”, a woman who did not know how to write. She never even tried to write. She often asked me to write something. She started saying! You I did a wrong writing about the thesis. The thesis I wrote very hard. Why did you write this?” And there are more sorrows than the thesis. “The thesis was insulted. I tried to explain to this woman. This is called parody.
This is a good and positive thing. But she did not agree! Where she saw me sitting among four people! She said that your writings have brought down the quality of the university. By propagating in this way, she also gathered other girls of her tribe and said good things. Why. I kept regretting that this is the situation of Urdu students. So what will happen to the children of other departments? Once I met a girl in Agriculture University Faisalabad. I went there to participate in a lecture. That girl belonged to the same university. That’s why I asked her for the address of Iqbal Hall. Why? Said. There is a mushaira. Said, what is that? Today, that girl looked oppressed to me. She was becoming a nutritionist. Once. A woman criticized one of my columns a lot. I wrote that column on daily running of life. She said! She did not find any other title. So I wrote on this topic. I asked the teacher a question. The girl stood up and began to flare up. Look, look, Jamaat Wali! Rubiya doesn’t even know that much, it’s something to ask! I answered her quietly. After a few days, the same. Women’s University I came with the thesis. And came back very disappointed with the supervisor. The title of my thesis was “Rizal-i Mushtaq Ahmed Yousefi”. So I was writing on personalities. I was writing short biographies of personalities in a day. She also came. In order to fill one and a half hundred pages, the title of his thesis, which was a research and critical evaluation of a personality, he wrote short biographies about the literary figures that this personality was related to. When she reached the pass, she was very disappointed. She started cursing the university. And she told this to everyone herself. I want to give a message to novice writers from this incident that if someone criticizes you, then understand his mental state as above. It’s like a character. Which has nothing to do with writing. It has nothing to do with copy-paste. It just means, if not me, why? The purpose of this column is only to say that if there is a writer. So he is doing a good job. He is better than the countless people who are spreading immorality in the society. He is better than those who are showing their bodies on social media or Bigo or Hego. He is better than them. The best is Joe Tick They are dancing on the talk. God! God! Look where the times are going. What waylessness the times are suffering. Encourage the writers in this situation. Give them courage. Don’t say that it has nothing. It doesn’t come! He will learn. Don’t insult those who serve Urdu literature! Respect them. If you want to improve someone, improve your thinking. Change your thinking. Create courage in yourself. Create courage. Learn to accept others. Learn to take advantage of others’ abilities. Learn to consider others as human beings. Accept them as the best of Allah’s creations. Consider human beings as human beings. Be. People stumble over stones and move forward, or push them aside as obstacles. And the stone stays there.

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