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Juice of Karachi

Juice of Karachi

The name of the city where juice is extracted the most in the world is Karachi. Just like a mother rejuvenates her child by breastfeeding
The whole country is irrigated by extracting juice from Karachi in the name of taxes.
Extortion is collected legitimately and illegitimately from the common citizens here.
Here, citizens’ motorcycles are picked up and charged arbitrary prices.
Here, those who don’t wear a helmet and a packet of Gutka Mawa out of one’s pocket are considered dangerous criminals.

Motorcycles and vehicles here are so loved by street criminals that thousands of motorcycles and vehicles are stolen every month and are easily transported to other cities through various checkpoints and nooks and crannies.

When it comes to cars, the mobile phones of the citizens here are so loved by the street criminals that they waste Rs 120 tablet for the keypad mobile too, so that next time someone’s phone is snatched, there will be no resistance. Don’t face it
Whereas the police here consider their main duties to be political slavery and guarding the elite instead of ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property, enforcing the law.

Here, every government institution, whether it is the acquisition of a citizen’s domicile, Shakti card, birth certificate or an application given for their legitimate work in any government institution, does not work without drawing the juice of the public. The most important thing here is that bribery is called “chai pani” in a government institution without which doing any work is like gambling. The judiciary here is so free and fair that it is included in the ranking of 129 out of 140 countries in the world.


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The juice of Karachi is so popular that there is neither any factory of Ashala nor cultivation of drugs, but huge quantities of Ashala and drugs are easily available in every street to extract the juice of Karachi.
Due to the popularity of Karachi juice in the whole country, important government and semi-government positions and all political leaders are imported and imposed here so that they as well as their entire family members can be exposed to the delight of this juice.

Furqan Ahmed Sair
Juice of Karachi
Juice of Karachi

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