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Drug-free Karachi

A drug-free Karachi
All the parents of Karachi are requested to never let their beloved young beautiful children go out of the house unnecessarily and especially keep complete information regarding the role of friends of young sons. And don’t let your young sons hang around with the smoking boys of the neighborhood. Take as many precautions as you can

Because the number of ice dealers and sellers in Karachi is increasing day by day and the destruction of ice in hospitals and streets with their own eyes. I am looking at the garbage bins.

Unfortunately, drugs and gutka mawa are being sold within the limits of all police stations in Karachi, the biggest proof of which will be found in the mouths and pockets of the young police officers of the police department. According to unofficial data, about 25 percent of the department The young police officers were killed. In the process of getting free ice, Mawa Gutka and Ice addicts have become addicted to Mawa Gutka and Ice. How is it and who is doing it and who has a general store with a paan cabin, a mawa gutka, and a tea hotel with a glass bar, a guest house, and who is selling ice cream on a bike?

Parents must approach the law enforcement agencies instead of covering up the unwanted activities of their beloved sons. Do not be afraid. If you are not heard in front of an officer at one place, do not lose heart through courier or WhatsApp or social media. Be sure to ask

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Trust all institutions of your country. According to sources. Inshallah, full and final legal action is going to be taken against the drug dealers and their facilitators and self-proclaimed respected political and social leaders very soon, because the increasing number of drug dealers are causing serious concern to the honest citizens of Karachi due to their illegal activities. are On public complaints, the authorities and law enforcement agencies have been mobilized. All the drug dens and bad-breed drug dealers and their unscrupulous political facilitators are being closely monitored in Karachi. Cases are also being registered against the mafias by conducting successive operations. Do not expect/hope for 100% results because the black sheep of the police are currently present in the police department, who are being closely monitored according to police sources. The sheep have been dismissed from their jobs forever, people should not be disappointed. Actions are being taken against drug trafficking at all levels. I appeal/request to the people and parents of Karachi in the capacity of Fayyaz Arayan, editor of daily Saiban Special Karachi and member of Karachi Union of Journalists. Khudara united against drug dealers, ice dealers, Gatka Mawa mafias and raised their voice in their own style according to their own style. Inshallah, there will be complete elimination of drug dealers from Karachi and Karachi will be drug free.

Drug free Karachi.. Inshallah

Drug-free Karachi

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