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Khaba culture and we from Karachi!

Khaba culture and we from Karachi!

The best entertainment for us Karachiites is probably eating and drinking now. The ten-day Karachi Eight Festival in Seaview is the best example of this, where people who have to fight through hours of traffic jams and long queues come to eat and drink, as if they have come to perform a battle instead of eating food.
There are some places in Karachi where the Khaba Darbar is decorated daily, where it is very easy to reach and the people who are addicted to the open air space that has been implanted in the people after Corona can go there and eat Khaba.
Many places are famous for food and drink in Karachi since ancient times, of which Burns Road is one of them.
It’s as easy to get here as it is to enjoy overcoming the strange problems
Surrounded by old buildings, this food street is full of food and drink shops for a fusion of the past and present. Chairs and tables start lining up outside every shop till around eight o’clock in the night.
A flood of color and light comes here from eight o’clock in the night till late at night.
First of all, when you enter this food street, you get a welcome sign at the entrance, and the waiters also greet you and help you in parking. But the strange thing is that there is constant traffic on this street. There is a constant flow of auto-rickshaws, bikes, and local vehicles, which makes it difficult for visitors to walk. But at the same time, the ancient legs are also found here, which visitors are making Burns Road to inspect the food street.


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As this food street continues to grow in popularity, you also get to see some surprises, for example, waiters and crew members making noises to entice you to eat at their dhabas. Conveyance is found.
When you trust them and stop by them, as soon as you sit down, beggars of different colors, races, ages and designs start coming non-stop. They also ask for water, tea, cold drink by holding hands.
In such a situation, one wonders why he came here. A strange cult begins. Although there are tourists at the beginning of the food street, the beggars of Burns Road consider it an insult to take food from tourists and if you are in front of them. Even if you give your food to these beggars, they check it and donate it to those who are inferior to you in front of you, so that you keep thinking about their role as a middleman. Did you think it was bad? Then you get out of this attack and order something else and are sitting down to eat when suddenly some scavengers start cleaning the road. It happens that cats and dogs start coming from here and there and they also start looking at you with suspicious eyes asking for their rights.
Be it balloons with lights or simple or small toys.. Along with their arrival, the sellers are also demanding the food that you are about to eat.
It is interesting that most of the sellers are also part-time beggars.
Eunuchs. Gajra sellers are also constantly seen riding one after the other.
Sometimes YouTubers are also seen promoting some shop in the form of gatherings. In such a rush, people are surrounded and watching them as if they have seen a ghost.


Clowns here. Some swings for children. Jumping castle. Small remote control bike rides are also available here for kids. There are those who take so much risk to entertain children.
There is no public toilet in such a large running food street, according to the GRO of the food center, there are toilets in the entire Burns Road only at the food center. Toilets.
By the way, not having public toilets in such a busy food street is not a violation of compliances. Even here in Pakistan, there is no proper food chain that does not have a toilet facility. KFC, McDonald’s etc. are examples of this
Well, where are the people and public issues heard here? Alas
Well, we come back to the same food street where you can find stalls and Sunday morning breakfast.
Some shops are open throughout the day but the real life of this street is seen only at night
It is good that this street should be cleared of beggars and made better. Otherwise, this street will also lose its good crowd one day.
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