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A world of men

By Ruby Maryam Ruby

A world of men

Sajid: You are not allowed to go out at all! Mehr: But brother, you also go out. Sajid: So what happened? I am a man, right? You have to obey everything your parents say. Mehr: Brother, you also don’t listen to many things of your parents. They are sad. Sajid: What happened? I’m a man, a boy. I don’t listen. You have to obey everything.
Mehr: Brother, you didn’t listen to your parents on such and such a day. Sajid: Yes, you didn’t tell me. I am a man. Mehr: Brother, when you were young. Then your parents said. Read! But you are not beyond eight classes. Read. Sajid: Oh. I am a boy. Just take care not to hurt your parents. Mehr: Brother, people complain against you. You abuse people. People complain to parents. But parents can’t say anything to you because you are young. I have never had such a complaint. Still they put restrictions on me. Sajid: I am crooked. I am fine. Don’t give a chance. Otherwise, it will be very bad. Curse you Sajid. Curse you. Meher didn’t say anything with her mouth but she cursed him in her heart and left the room. Sajid brother thought that she understood. But on the contrary, rebellion emerged in her heart. And Meher’s heart began to curse her. She did not want to curse her brother. But what would she do? Her heart and mind were free from accepting this bitter reality. He was refusing. After all, how could she accept this contradiction? Kim had listened to God saying, O believers, why do you say things that you don’t do? Is Sajid’s heart devoid of faith?


Meher was confused in his own questions. Mental torture seemed to be his destiny. The whole body started to ache. And she began to feel inferior. When her parents and brothers imposed restrictions on her for no reason. She had strange and evil dreams. And mental torture day and night became her habit. Now there was no hope in her life. It was happening. Twenty-three years later, suddenly a wave of happiness came in her life. She was a very good artist since childhood. She was creating various masterpieces for a long time. Now someone recognized her masterpiece. And she announced the best prize. He happily told the family. I am going to get a big prize. The family asked. What kind of prize? Mehr said. Two years ago, he had given one for his school. Made a painting on the theme of “nature”. A company saw it. And promised to give it a reward. The family was very happy. But where will you get this reward? Dad asked. Dad in Karachi. There will be a ceremony. I will be invited to it And this reward will be given. Father shouts. No! You will not go to Karachi. Take the reward for sure. But do not go to Karachi. Mehr: But father, how will the reward come to the house? Father shouted again. Those who give the reward. Be careful if you think of stepping out of the house!!! And at night I had a dream. Someone was demanding a huge ransom from me. Someone will kidnap you. Be careful! Do not mention the name of Karachi. Now all the hopes of Meher were gone. She started dying inside. Her father did not believe in dreams. He would refuse to listen and accept it as a whisper. And now his father was 100% sure that his dream was true. These things were killing him from the inside. Now he was inspired by painting. She used to pray for everyone every day. She still wanted to pray for everyone. But even if she wanted to, she couldn’t pray as much as before. While praying, her mind would suddenly wander. And her heart. Why am I a girl? But before the wisdom of Allah, she would shake off her thoughts and engage in prayer again. Still her life was going on as before. Everything was as before. There was only hope. She was dying inside. Day by day. Moment by moment. Sometimes she would get angry. She would curse her luck and shut up. But understanding the wisdom of Allah, she became an image of silence .

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Analysis: This is a fictitious story. But the basis of this story is based on reality. Nowadays, in today’s society, women are made mentally ill by imposing unnecessary restrictions. No. By ignoring this order, instead of looking inside, some people become a cause of mental agony for others. The purpose of telling this story is that every person should look inside themselves. And if they themselves He is able to find that he is a practical person. Only then should he preach to others. Otherwise, the words of such a person will have no effect, nor will anyone be ready to listen to his words.

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