A unique love story

A unique love story of Mohabbatean Nagar

The marriage of an elderly person became a trend on social media. Young boys started making memes. 46-year-old Basheer Ahmed, residing in Police Station Malir City Mohabbate Nagar, Karachi, got married to a younger girl. The wedding of the unique couple became very popular on social media. It was shared many times in various WhatsApp groups. Citizens started criticizing 46-year-old Bashir Ahmed instead of the runaway girl. Unmarried people and young boys tag their unmarried friends on Facebook and make fun of them in different ways.
After the videos were uploaded on social media, a separate debate broke out. According to Bashir of Mohabbatean Nagar, when he reported the incident to the concerned police station, the police there did not give any response but said that it is a matter of husband and wife and no cases are registered.

After which Bashir Ahmed resorted to social media despite the prohibition of his friends and told in viral videos that the said girl, whose Islamic name was given as Ayesha, only one month after her marriage, cleaned the house and used make-up equipment. And escaped with her father to an unknown place with other valuables.
Bashir was very happy after getting his young and beautiful wife, but what did he know that this marriage will cost so much. Basheer Ahmad said that he has a paint shop where very good quality colors are available. James George, who works here, offered to have sex with his daughter and took her to his home. Where both of us fell in love with our eyes. After a couple of meetings and coming home, it was realized that we are both made for each other. Our life’s journey will be better now, promises to live and die. They promised to spend their lives with each other. But did we know that our love will die in “Love Nagar”.

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Bashir Ahmed, the image of longing and despair, also offers a reward for finding his runaway wife so that her stolen wealth can be returned. Bashir Ahmad said that he spent millions of rupees to get married, spent his lifetime savings to keep his young wife happy, bought clothes and other necessities of life worth thousands of rupees, but these happiness could not prove to be sustainable. During the month, his young wife runs away from home, which is deeply traumatized.
After the wife of the newlyweds ran away, Bashir Ahmed remained in a state of insanity for several days. His friends and close acquaintances suggested that it is better to keep quiet and keep quiet about this matter, otherwise people will make a spectacle of it. was ready to take the risk, when the relatives, local people and even the police did not help, Bashir Ahmed resorted to social media and while narrating his sad story, Bashir Ahmed said that all friends are my wife. Help find A reasonable reward will also be given to the finder. Basheer Ahmed, a resident of Mohabbatein Nagar, faced a major setback only a month after his marriage that not only did his young wife run away, but she also ran away with her accumulated wealth.
After the videos went viral on social media, the police started running. The search for Father James George began.

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