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The rumor market

The rumor market
All over the world, where social media has made it possible to reach people easily, thanks to the same social media, an endless series of rumors and false stories has started, due to which not only the market of rumors remains hot, but also the anti-social and anti-national elements. Thanks to this, they achieve their nefarious goals easily and thanks to this social media, they are able to realize their goals to the end.
While the 21st century has provided employment opportunities by making new inventions, due to the growing trend of social media, more and more platoons are being created. Who not only started dummy newspapers, magazines and journals with strange names, but practically he is engaged in supporting the elements engaged in illegal activities by making fake cards by taking a reporter or high position of an organization. Rather, they play an important role in protecting them from the grip of the law.

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Every mature and intelligent person keeps seeing these fake and self-imposed recruitments in different WhatsApp groups every day. But getting hold of them is probably a headache for the law enforcement agencies because these mafias are so closely connected with each other that if anyone tries to rein them in, it becomes a human-like wolf. Due to which the higher officers also start criminal proceedings against the concerned SHO or officer without any investigation and only on the basis of verbal submission, due to which the process of transparency dies.
Thanks to social media, where even an illiterate person with an understanding of journalism has become an analyst and judge himself as to which person is a character and who is a bad person. Writing four lines and writing down someone’s character without any proof has probably become the biggest vice of our society. Because human nature has also become accustomed to only accepting and exaggerating negative things, social media is being used more for negative purposes than for positive purposes. It has become ingrained in our nature to simply push hearsay in ratings circles without research. In this race, the real people associated with journalism were not left behind. Various WhatsApp groups and even in their newspapers publish research news, which keeps the rumor market hot. Since it is human instinct to over-react to negative talk, as the news progresses, it becomes more and more spicier.
As human beings and above all as Muslims, instead of spreading anarchy in the society, we should highlight its positive side and create a society in which millions of people sacrificed for the establishment of the country, millions of families left their forefathers and left this holy land. Migrated to the land. The bright Pakistan that the fathers of the nation had dreamed of.

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