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A hardworking friend of Allah

By Ruby Maryam Ruby

A hardworking friend of Allah

A person who works hard is a friend of Allah. Therefore, money and sustenance earned through hard work are halal for a believer.

You can also earn from internet. But don’t criticize, work hard. In this era of internet and technology, when people see various things on social media, then unconsciously, a person’s heart wants to have these things too. That too, a prosperous and better life. That’s why unemployed youths search a lot on the internet. They look for various “tips” to earn money from the internet. Among these youths there are some lucky youths like me. But this prosperous time is a lot of hard work. And after a period it becomes available. Those who get online part time jobs. I once advertised online sketching. And I got an order. I earned only five hundred rupees from it. Two and a half hundred to my partner. Gave it away. Kept 2500 by myself. After that I didn’t get time for sketching due to busy studies. Then after some time opened an online boutique. And started selling dresses. Earned 600 rupees during this time. Happy. The thing is that this time I didn’t have a partner. My family was stopping me from doing this work. But something had to be done. Due to the habit of working continuously, it became difficult to stay free. This is not my job. What I enjoy doing is “writing”. I left the boutique and started writing. But remember, I have been writing since I have been when I was seven or eight years old. A private company gave me the job of writing children’s textbooks online. I write with passion. A movement. Considers two things as fuel. Which are these! “Writing and Criticism” In our society today, crab characteristics have been developed. Do you know that if a few crabs are put in a bucket and the mouth of the bucket is left open, one crab will be scooped up with great effort and diligence? He manages to get out. But as he tries to jump down from the bucket, the other crabs grab his legs and pull him back into the bucket. Thus, all the crabs remain in the same bucket. . Whoever tries to get out falls back into the bucket.

If you look at the society today, the person who tries to move forward in life on the basis of hard work, courage and courage, people pull his legs and break his courage and courage. The goal was never to become a crab in life, but work hard and try to keep moving forward. How long will you people continue to look at the faces of celebrities and famous and rich people? How long will you be jealous of others or Will you keep criticizing? When will you think about yourself? Remember, history never remembers those who fail and wander and deceive themselves! Such people are called by history as vain and crowded! So never Don’t look down on any work. Understand the fragility of time and learn to take advantage of whatever opportunity comes your way. When I opened an online boutique, people talked a lot. You are an M.Phil Scholar. What is it? Etc. Etc. When it comes to hard work, I never hesitate to work hard. When I saw the ad of The Content Writer, I immediately applied


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It was the grace of Allah and the prayers of my parents that I got the job of writing school textbooks for a long time. I have written the Urdu curriculum for children from the first to the fourth grade. I am also writing the rest of the books. I am doing this work for a private company at a very reasonable price. That is because experience will be gained. And secondly, when we run after money, money runs away from us. We need someone. As many skills as possible should be learned at the beginning of the job! If there is skill, then it should be polished more. When we have talent, work is found. At the same time, quality also comes in our work. Then you become a name. And when a person becomes a name. If so, such a person appears as an influential person in the society. People listen to him. There are countless examples of such in our society. So the readers should promise themselves today that they will not consider any work as trivial in the future. Rather, they will perform it cheerfully. The result of hard work is very beautiful. Take the example of the young Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau’s father was the Prime Minister. Trudeau could enjoy his father’s earnings. But he thought it better to work as a math teacher. He worked as a bodyguard. He also worked in radio. It is the result of his hard work that today he is the young prime minister of Canada. The biggest benefit of hard work is this. It happens that people start trusting you. When you are trusted, you are given the kingdom. Every human being must develop a habit in himself in life. That habit is hard work. There is greatness in hard work. Hard work, if one is a believer of Allah, then he is entitled to the friendship of Allah!!!

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