The groom moves forward

By Ruby Maryam Ruby

The groom moves forward

Bhimbar, the city of education and flowers, in Azad Kashmir and its surrounding areas, nature has blessed its creatures with immense qualities and resources. Now take the beauty of Bhimbar. (occasionally changes to summer.) Flowing springs, and an evergreen stream presenting a picturesque scene, whose cool water cools the faces of the groups of children of the Mulu Muslims who live near the stream. And the stomachs of the poor. It also fills with its most valuable thing, i.e. fish. The people here are very cheerful and some are prosperous. But there are still many shortcomings in this paradise. There are some twists in its destiny. It has become a single road! Think of it as a well of death for a clumsy person. A little carelessness kills. It was seven or eight years ago. When my cousin met with an accident while going from Mohra to Bhimbar. Kar Ajal was said to be “Labik”. Such and many other incidents have happened on this road, which were not reported. By covering up the incompetence of the administration, it has come to the point that now accidents have become a regular occurrence. They are gone. People remain silent by cursing the fate and the crookedness of fate. No movement arises and no one likes to talk about this claim. Barsali, Barhang, Mohara, Kadhala are the roads of these areas. Adjacent. And single roads are also there. People have started to fear while walking and driving on them. Not only in these areas but wherever there are single roads. People are facing these problems. Any minister, advisor Or the big party does not pass through these roads. Otherwise, the people might be heard.

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Travel from Kashmir to Gujarat and see. If you don’t remember Nani, tell her. The condition of the roads behind Ghamkol and Bukan is also hidden from anyone. When the roads are started, it takes years. Disadvantage of single road is that it gets broken in no time due to heavy traffic on both sides. Few days ago I passed through Pakhowal. There a tractor had a bad accident. While walking, it went off the road. Some distance away, a truck full of straw also met with a terrible accident. Some distance away, a Hi-S and a truck collided violently. All these are the wonders of a single road. There are eighty eight percent chances of a car falling into a ditch on a single road. Roads in Gujarat are under construction for the last two years. There are waterlogged places. One gets into a strange situation while passing through the city of Gujarat. Just like the clean advertisements on the walls with sophistication. Dirt is also spread on the roads below. Wherever you travel from Kashmir to Faisalabad, almost everywhere there is instruction work. I have traveled on all the roads of Faisalabad, Mirpur, Bhambar etc. !Never seen or heard of a highway being completely built.or repaired.Always instruction!What happened?

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