Pakistan’s first young female comedian

Founder and in-charge of the monthly magazine “Kashmiri Phool International”.
Rubiya Maryam Ruby is addressing you. I am Pakistan’s first young female comedian. Poet, artist, journalist and writer. Recently my book “Comics” came out in public. I belong to Azad Kashmir. M. Phil is a scholar as well as writing children’s textbooks. Which are taught in different schools. So far she has written books from class I to class V. I am starting an online magazine for the promotion of Urdu literature. In which humor and humor, on world peace, a selection of hadiths, research work, literary works, beauty tips, travelogues, episodic novels, hundred-word stories, fifty-word stories, columns, interviews with important figures in your area, stories, legends. You can write in any genre of fiction, diary, Bauzen poetry, Islamic literature and Urdu literature. I am doing this with a purpose. When I was young, no one encouraged me to write. I had to write secretly. In my house, poetry was only liked by Allama Iqbal. And I did not understand Iqbal. But I had to write poetry. I wrote a Dewan during FA from Matriculation. Plus many other writings I wrote. But I could not hide it. No one would take my writing. But I never lost courage. I continued to write in Urdu literature. The first writing of a little girl who wrote as soon as she regained consciousness. In BA “Kashmiri”. It was published for the first time in the college magazine under the name of “Tea”. Before that, the hard work was a lot but the inattention of teachers and parents led to feelings of inferiority. I have a strong feeling that someone. Rubya Maryam of the village is not longing for encouragement

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There is no other small girl writer who is suffering from the indifference of the times. Therefore, I thought that as a student I will publish such a magazine, even online. In which writers from all over the world will be included. I will encourage all the writers. Some behavior has also been seen that they criticize the new writers that they have no quality. Their books are worth hiding. Today everyone has become a book owner. So, in this regard, I just want to say that in today’s world, young people have developed such strange hobbies that the soul trembles to hear about them. In this case, thank Allah Almighty that Our youth connected with knowledge and literature are at least connected with knowledge, even if only through some oblique words. Some of them are doing positive work. So respect those who serve Urdu. Alhamdulillah we have started an online magazine in the name of “Kashmiri Phool International”. GET FREE MEMBERSHIP OF “INTERNATIONAL” MAGAZINE. WISH YOU ALL! REQUEST YOU ALL TO WRITE FOR “KASHMIRI PHOOL” MAGAZINE. AND TELL THE TIMES THAT WE ARE SERVING URDU LANGUAGE. No drunkenness or wasting time. You will be encouraged. You are a valuable asset of the country


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