kidnapping for ransom

A dangerous series of kidnappings for ransom began in Shahr-e-Quaid.
Two innocent children were kidnapped from Shah Faisal Colony
When two children left for tuition, they were abducted from there by abducting the children named Rohain and Rahim from Hajrabad area of Shah Faisal Colony.
A call was made to collect a ransom of five crore rupees from the parents, however, the Pakistan Rangers took full action in Dawood Shudar Goth Chokundi area of Karachi. Kidnapped innocent children were recovered. However, in another sad incident, two videos went viral on social media in which the young man was called and kidnapped from Karachi through a honey trap and videos were made of him being chained and demanding a huge ransom. While making the video, the armed men continued to torture the abducted person from Karachi who is a resident of Saforah.
He used to work as a guard, but fell victim to an alleged honey trap and fell into the clutches of kidnappers. Similarly, another person, whose name is Junaid Qamar, was abducted on September 24 in Kashmore area of Indoran Sindh.
The kidnappers sent a harrowing video of the hostage being chained
In the video, Junaid is screaming in pain. While making the video, the abductors were constantly insisting that they should talk to their families and send them money. Need one crore rupees. The abductor cried and asked his parents to free me by giving them the money they had collected.

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Jatne bologe bolon ka, ami ko bolonga, the decade of hostages
I will ask my mother to send as much money as possible, hostage
Another video was also sent by the kidnappers
In the second video, the hostage is in a very depressed state
The beard has grown and the tip of the Kalashnikov is being tortured
Help me, in the name of Allah, save me, the hostage
I am dying, save me for God’s sake, cried the hostage
Junaid was allegedly lured by the voice and picture of the girl
My son had contact with me till Sukkur, mother’s request
Son is being tortured by kidnappers, mother
May my son be recovered, mother’s decade
Kidnapped victim Junaid Qamar is a married father of three children, mother
It will be two months since the kidnapping of the son, mother
I go to Karachi Police and they say Kashmir Police, Mother
What should I do, who should I go to and file a case, mother’s decade
The abduction of innocent children from Shahr Qaid has spread fear and panic among the citizens, while they fall victim to the honey trap and fall into the clutches of the abductors.

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