Heavy vehicles are fatal to civilians

Karachi (Report: Kamal Makhdoom) In Shahr-e-Quaid, heavy vehicles on the highways during the day proved to be life-threatening for the citizens. Despite the passage of time for the deployment of heavy vehicles, no coherent strategy could be formulated.
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Mazda trucks, including water tankers and sand-gravel trucks plying in the city without witnesses and driving licenses during office hours and school holidays, have become a symbol of fear for the citizens. Even after the release of the figures of the citizens, the traffic police staff could not provide protection to the citizens. A high-speed tanker hit and killed 40-year-old Irfan son of Noor Muhammad yesterday at the metro station on University Road. On the other hand, a citizen lost his life after being hit by a high-speed vehicle at Nipa Bridge, while another was seriously injured and was shifted to a nearby hospital for medical assistance. Roads of Karachi are deadly for motorcyclists. Traps have been proven where 116 bikers have lost their lives during the first 10 months of this year while a total of 165 civilians have died in road accidents. According to data shared by Karachi Traffic Police Out of the number of people killed, 11 city buses, 12 water tankers, 14 dumper trucks and oil tankers, 20 trawlers and 37 people died in other truck accidents. The data shows that about 65 percent of the accidents in the city are due to heavy traffic. Instead of providing security to the citizens, the traffic section staff seem to be busy satisfying the higher authorities by giving small challans to the heavy vehicle drivers in return for heavy bribes, due to which the citizens who die in traffic accidents. Heavy vehicles have not been saved from the mafia.

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