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DSP Operation Traffic Section

Saeed Ahmad Jehanu posted in DSP operation traffic section gave his entire service in traffic section. Team CID News conducted an interview with DSP Operations Saeed Ahmed which is available to our readers.

CID News. sir your full name

A: My full name is Saeed Ahmed

CID News. What is your education and where did you get it?

A: I have done BE Civil from Jamshoro University.

CID News. What happened in Kis Sun?

A: I completed my education in 1986.

CID News. And when did you join the police force?

A: Joined the police force in 1987

CID News. Where was your posting?

DSP Operation Traffic SectionI was posted in many police stations including Hyderabad, Tando Allahyar, Cantt Police Station.

CID News. When did the promotion take place?

A: Yes, my promotion was in 1990.

CID News: Where was the posting as sub-inspector?

A:  Kharadarsamit continued to perform duties in many police stations.

CID News: When was the second promotion?

A: My second promotion was in 1996.

CID News. In which police stations did you serve on duty?

A:  I have been posted in Sadar, Priddy, Clifton, Gulshan, Kent, PIDC, etc.

CID News. Promotion as DSP in which year?

A:  My promotion as DSP happened in 2016.

CID News.Where to be posted as DSP?

A:  I have been DSP Jaskin, DSP Clifton, etc

CID News. How long have you been in the traffic police?

A:  About twenty-two, more than thirty-three

CID News. So what kind of work have you done that deserves appreciation?

A: During my service I always guided my juniors to improve not only traffic matters. But also workshops in various schools, colleges, and universities. And conduct seminars, educating the citizens about the benefits of following traffic rules and laws and the disadvantages of not following them. So that the young generation can work better for the nation by following the traffic rules.

CID News. How many DIGs did Anaz get a chance to work with?

A:  I got the opportunity to work with about four to five DIGs and learned a lot.

CID News. How do you feel about working in Karachi?

A: Karachi is a very big city, keeping control of the traffic system according to the population and especially when there is a big event, one has to be very alert to coordinate the traffic control.

CID News. What are the types of challans in Karachi?

A:  In Karachi, most of the challans are for minibuses and coaches because

They put people in the roofs by putting people’s lives at risk.

Often they drive recklessly in rush hour or race rounds, which sometimes leads to many accidents.

CID News. What steps are being taken regarding wedding halls parking on the beach road till late at night?

A: It is not just about marriage halls if any mobile markets and other shopping centers are warned not to park vehicles or motorcycles anywhere except on their parking and service roads. However, if a parking jam is reported from anywhere, the traffic officials of the concerned police station immediately arrive and play an important role in maintaining the flow of traffic.

CID News. Most of the times the campaign is initiated by the traffic police. What campaigns are currently underway or planned for such as tinted glasses or fancy number plates?

A:  There is a vigorous campaign going on in all the districts regarding the fact that those coming in one way and one way endanger their lives as well as others. Challans are issued against them. And sometimes the vehicles are also stopped.

CID News. What steps have been taken regarding female police officers?

A: Women traffic police officers are placed in every section and also conduct challans with the traffic officers so that they also get ample opportunity to work and learn.

CID News. You have spent many years of your life in traffic, have you been given awards or certificates of appreciation from the superior officers?

A:  Yes, Alhamdulillah, many awards, case awards and certificates of appreciation have been given by the IG and DIG.


CID News.  We would like to say something to the people of Karachi.

A:  I would like to say to the people of Karachi, avoid haste, especially motorcycles

I would like to request the rider that your life is also very valuable and the lives of others are also very valuable, avoid haste. Don’t take rough roads and avoid speeding.

CID News.  What would you like to say to your junior staff?

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A:  I would like to tell my juniors to be polite with people.

Allah Ta’ala has given you an opportunity that along with the job, when you guide someone, it also causes your goodness to increase.

CID News. People often complain that traffic police officers stop vehicles in the middle of the road or issue challans by standing in the middle, which causes traffic jams.

A: There are strict instructions in this regard that if you are challenging someone, park on the side and not on the road. If the public sees such incidents, then complain on One Five and our FM numbers or WhatsApp numbers. can be registered on which the department also takes action.

CID News. What would the martyrs say about the traffic police?

A:  Police Martyrs are the light of our eyes, they have given eternal sacrifices.

We stay in touch with their families and do our part to resolve any issues on a priority basis.

CID News.  What would you like to say regarding the media and CID News?

A:  The media are our eyes and ears, they should do positive reporting. By listening to rumors and by writing the name of Karachi on unverified old and out-of-town news, we also find it difficult to know the facts of the actual incident. Is.

Secondly, I keep reading CID news. Masha Allah they are doing their work impartially. The entire CID News team is commendable for making timely and authentic news possible.

ڈی ایس پی آپریشن ٹریفک سیکشن

Waqas Mughal with DSP Traffic Operation Saeed Ahmed.

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