Anti-people and anti-national agenda

Today, after a long time, the government has finally started taking practical steps to thwart the anti-people and anti-national agenda of Imran Khan.
First of all, the Chief Justice has requested the Supreme Court to order a full bench of the Supreme Court, which includes all the judges of the Supreme Court, to investigate the baseless allegations leveled against the Prime Minister, the Interior Minister and the officers of the security forces. Form a commission consisting of 100,000 people who will fully investigate the allegations of Imran Khan and the attack on him and bring all the facts to light. Along with this, this commission should also investigate the murder of Arshad Sharif in Kenya.

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This is a very timely and important decision and now it will provide an opportunity for Imran Khan to present material to prove his allegations. The report will have to be accepted by all people, it will help a lot in removing all doubts and will bring a lot of evidence.
After that, there is no justification for any kind of protest politics and people should not face obstacles in their daily routine.
Apart from this, the government has decided to use the powers given in the constitution federally in the provinces to control law and order and to protect the lives and property of the people and government properties and institutions. This will help in suppressing the evil elements who want to destroy the people and the country for their nefarious purposes.

Today, Pakistan is suffering from the worst natural disasters in history and the two provinces of Pakistan, Baluchistan and Sindh, are severely affected by it and their recovery is very difficult and requires many resources for which the government has convinced the whole world. is busy doing so that maximum resources can be obtained not only to resettle people in their homes but also to put them back on their feet to make up for the losses in our agricultural sector. Efforts should be made and people can be saved from grain shortage and inflation. This is a huge task and all political parties need to work on this agenda now.
It should be noted that the sooner the rehabilitation of these victims is done, the sooner they will be able to hold elections in these two provinces and the atmosphere will be smooth for early elections.

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