The third day of the long march

The third day of the long march
As expected, the pattern of today’s long march was similar to that of the previous day. Failure to gather adequate number of people at the appointed time led to its delay and when all efforts were made to gather some number of people, it started and Imran Khan spoke at a few places though today up to Gujranwala. It was already decided to cancel the original program of going and the journey to Kamonki was announced today, but even before that, today’s march was canceled due to an accident in Sailu Ki. The accident involved a woman. Journalist Imran Khan died under the container. This is a very tragic accident and we pray to Allah to grant him a high place in Jannat al-Firdous and grant patience to all the bereaved. Ameen.
This incident and other incidents of this nature in the past require that all journalists’ organizations, media, TV channels and other relevant bodies come together to clarify a complete code of conduct and protocol-based system so that in future this Such incidents can be prevented.

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The important thing today was Imran Khan’s response to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s announcement yesterday. It was jointly announced the appointment of the Army Chief and the timetable for the election and said that he rejected these proposals of Imran Khan and replied that the discussion can only be on the agenda of Charter of Democracy and Charter of Economy.
Today, Imran Khan denied the Prime Minister’s statement and said that he had not made any offer for negotiations.
A confusion arose from these two contradictory statements
And there may be a way to test its truth. In the past, Imran Khan had accused Shehbaz Sharif of offering him a huge sum of money through a mutual friend to withdraw from the Panama Papers case. Took On this, Shahbaz Sharif sent him a legal notice of defamation and also filed a case in the court on this, which is still present in the court and Imran Khan has not submitted any answer or proof. So now Imran Khan has this golden opportunity to challenge this claim of Shahbaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to prove it in the court. In this way, the truth and falsehood of both cases can be decided by hearing these two cases.
It is to be seen whether Imran Khan acts on it or takes a U-turn like in the past and tries to redeem these statements by calling them political statements.

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