i am Karachi

A Muslim standing in the map of the planet. The city of Karachi is where the founders of Pakistan and their descendants should be. It is the nation that resides. Who made the dream of the father of the nation shameful. Millions of refugees who migrated from India 74 years ago. They not only sacrificed their lives and property to keep the idea of Pakistan alive.
He migrated to this holy land. This historical migration. I not only brought such gems of arts, knowledge and skills. Who set his own example in the development of the newly emerging Kingdom of God.
I am Karachi
Although in this partition, the refugees settled in the corners of the country. Most of them migrated to Lahore and Karachi. The emigrants especially made Karachi their center.
Despite the limited resources in the newly born country, his education, experience skills. And due to tireless work, they succeeded in making Karachi such a unique region. After the establishment of Pakistan, from 1947 to 1958, Karachi had the honor of being the capital of Pakistan. which later temporarily Rawalpindi. And then permanently Islamabad was made the center.
Relocation in Karachi
The majority of those who did it were Urdu language speakers who lit such a bright lamp of civilization. That its effects continued to spread in the rest of the provinces.
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Thanks to his education and talent, Karachi is called the city of lights. I succeeded because the majority here were Urdu speakers. And the amount of other nationalities living in other provinces. I’m considered less but because it’s talented. And she was adorned with jewels of education and so on. For many reasons, sometimes by implementing a quota system to crush, sometimes on linguistic grounds. Sometimes on political grounds and sometimes to ask for their legitimate rights. Many bloody operations were imposed on account of extra-judicial killings. And the series of forced disappearances continued.
So that they somehow give up their legitimate rights or reduce the severity of their legitimate demands. The original demand of the local residents of Karachi remained. They have their legitimate rights including water, electricity, government hospitals. There is peace and order situation along with employment. Because a good government job is available to a Karachi domiciled candidate. No, no, the basic resources of life on which Karachi residents are legal.
And it is a constitutional right for the local people of Karachi despite severe deprivation. Residents did not attack law enforcement agencies. By damaging any government property. Did not challenge the state institutions for their rights. Neither tried to weaken the city which is the backbone of the country’s economy.
Current rising terrorism in Karachi
And in spreading anarchy where foreign elements as well as anti-national elements. The hand cannot be ignored either. This is expressed by law enforcement. Institutional authority figures indirectly. Or have done it directly in explicit and hidden words. That theft and robbery in Karachi. And non-locals have a big hand behind other serious crimes. Most of which are highways. And they enter Karachi from National Highway and after doing big incidents. They manage to escape easily. Or they hide in slums and goths. Where they get support on linguistic and political grounds. The biggest concern is that everyone knows everything, but no one is connected.
Strategy not developed which causes street crime
The increasing incidences could not be reduced. Mobile phone hacks and resale of stolen mobile phones in the market. Due to Karachi Electronic Dealers Association. And the law enforcers unanimously strategized. It was decided that no non-resident can sell mobile phones. But how much is being implemented on this order.
It is estimated from the incidents of stealing mobile phones every month. It can be said that during only five months of this year, more than 11,000 mobile phones were collected from the citizens. Taken or stolen. The number of which was more than 25 thousand in 2021, there are thousands of such incidents. In which the traditional attitude of investigation after the citizen is robbed of his valuable mobile phone. He is reluctant to file a report or go to the police station. However, if you examine this whole situation carefully. It is clear as day that lawlessness is rampant in Karachi. Because Karachi is considered like a bird of gold. From where the dream of becoming rich overnight on the basis of one’s position and relations can be a shameful reality. If we have to work on solid foundations to restore the peace of Karachi. So local residents of Karachi their legitimate rights. And those who have the most employment problem should be given. And the neighborhood committee should be formed at the local level. Which is headed by a non-political local resident of Karachi whose law enforcers. If important officers are contacted, the ongoing lawlessness in Karachi can definitely be permanently resolved.

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